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Our time we have to learn to be more productive Company email list. Not to do more things in less time. But to decide what is really important and organize your day based on those priorities. For now. Forget about the tools. Learn healthy habits . The methodology to achieve it and take control of your life. On these issues i strongly recommend you read berto pena on his blog. 3. Have the necessary information the great facilitator of strategic thinking and. Ultimately. Of the necessary medium-long- term vision. Is information. Or rather the data transformed into information and this into knowledge. Analyzing data and trends allows us to have that vision of what is strategic for the company and what is not Company email list.

And this leads us to have solid Company email list criteria to prioritize actions. Make decisions. Better allocate resources and align the strategy with the company . This information allows us to lead and commit to our project . Information sources can be diverse. But in the case of marketing we are talking about digital analytics (you can read about analytics seen from a marketing point of view here ). 4. Ensure the viability of the strategy it is often said that: “the paper holds everything”. Our ideas and calculations may make perfect sense on paper. But from there to being achievable. There is a very important step left. And is the implementation . For this to be successful: validation of the idea :we have to discuss this idea with our team so they can give us their opinion and if it really makes sense Company email list.

Help us translate the ideas into a real plan that can work. In addition Company email list. That team needs to understand and believe in it to launch it with any chance of success. Confronting your ideas with reality and contrary ideas will help improve the result and its future implementation. Check that we have the necessary people and resources : another fundamental part is to make sure that we have everything necessary to carry it out. Especially the key people . And of course. Tactical planning and implementation. 5. Ask for external support if necessary. We can count on a figure of an external consultant who acts as a facilitator of the process and who contributes his methodology and experience in the definition and implementation of the strategy. On many occasions Company email list.


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